Spring Break for Old People – Day 1

My family went out of town for Spring Break today so I thought I’d entertain myself by logging my day in SnapChat.

Trimming the tree

So I’ve been busy today (& still have a long way to go). All of this…20121102-164342.jpg

…used to be attached here.

Bathtub progress

So I finally feel like I’m making some progress!! The battle with the plumbing has been insane!! (I replaced all of the plumbing except the supply pipes coming into the bathroom, but getting everything to fit has been the hard part.) There have been WAY too many trips to Home Depot & other local plumbing supply stores, but everything finally fit together & not leaking or water coming out where it shouldn’t. Hopefully just a few more days left as the drywall compound sets. Then I can put the surround on & fix the flooring (gotta replace a few tiles as the new tub does not come as far off the wall as the previous tub). By the way, once this part is completed, we will have replaced everything in this bathroom; nothing is left as it was when we bought the house; everything is new.


Let the demolition begin!


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