Nothing Good

I said to the Lord, “You are my Lord; I have nothing good besides You.” ~ ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭16:2‬‬

Photoshopping Old Photos

A friend asked me if I would be able to “clean up” some old pics for a family project she was working on. Since I enjoy a good digital challenge, I accepted. While not perfect nor professional, I was please with the results! Drag the line in the center of each pic to see before and after. (NOTE: This plugin may not work on mobile devices. I apologize!)

More pics from photo day

A few more pics from our Family Photo Day

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My baby girl


This is my sweet, baby girl & her babies, Chocolate Chip & Sour Cream

3D Family Photo


A fun shot from our family photo day taken by the infamous Kristen Piwetz

Weird place to die


I’m not sure how this happened. It’s nasty, & a weird place to die (on cross bar of swing set).



Yep, that should just about do it!

Happy birthday, baby girl


Celebrating my baby girl’s 4th birthday today! She’s waited so long to be 4.

Phone book


After a full excavation of the front porch, I discovered this ancient artifact dating to the late 20th century.

Dad’s cooking dinner


Girls Night for the wife means dad is cooking dinner…

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