Who needs a dog?

Who needs a dog when you have a 1 year old?

My Girls


I love these girls!

Puzzle Time

3 Marvel Heroes puzzles, 135 total pieces (24, 48, 63), father & son working together, 35 minutes… Adds up to 1/2 hour of fun w/ my son!! His mind blows mine!


Homemade Funnel Cake


The wife & 3 year old liked it right off the bat, the 6 year old said “mmm…tastes like chicken.” he went on to admit that it did not taste like chicken & like it, too. The 8 year old wasn’t home & the others ate all of the first one so she was unable to try it. Then the power went out so I was not able to make another for her to try it. Try again tomorrow.

Daddy’s Little Helpers


Eat your heart out Santa!

Thanksgiving 2010

“May the LORD, the God of Israel,
be praised from everlasting to everlasting.
Amen and amen.”
Psalm 41:13


What a week! This has been one of the best Thanksgivings I can remember! We had the opportunity this week to spend time with every member our families! At my parent’s house, we were joined by my grandparents, my brother and his family from FL, and my sister, who is sorting through the details of moving to MN. My aunt and cousin and his family from GA made it up, and it was great to see them as I haven’t had much opportunity to spend time with them over the last few years. What a tremendous blessing for us all to be under one roof!!

Family T-Day 2010

We were, also, able to spend time with my wife’s family while in town, as well as, her extended family from W. TN. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law (alone with some assistance from my wife and a few others) prepared a wonderful Thanksgiving meal on Friday…we ate both fried & smoked turkey, played a little football, and was introduced to a game called “Wits & Wagers.” What a great time!!

It really sunk in this week about the stage of life that I’m in. With nieces and cousins running around with my own 3 kids, I realized that I am, in fact, a grown-up.

We have a great deal to be thankful for, not the least of which is the ability to take time off from work to drive 12 hours to spend a week with our family! Don’t get me wrong…I’m not a fan of the drive, but, even with the bouncing around from house to house, I found myself very grateful for the family heritage of my wife and me and all the blessings of God’s grace in my life.

Among other things: our church family (which is an incredible place to serve/work and fellowship with our church family), our home (purchased this year), God’s abundant provisions in my life and family, my 3 AMAZING children, and the most INCREDIBLE wife and mother on the planet!!

If nothing else (though it was so much more), Thanksgiving 2010 was a productive, meaningful time of reflection on the grace of God!!

Motion-Activated Holiday Merchandise

You know…sometimes, the good ideas are just right there in front of you waiting to be created.

I suppose that is what the person responsible for this item was thinking when he/she pitched the idea. I’ll admit…it’s funny. But come on, it’s not like it was bought at some off-color merch store; it was bought at a Hallmark store. You know, the “Hallmark card” sentimentality that is famous for its sweet, tear-jerking cards.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it, you just have to hear it for yourself…

Christmastime is Here…

Just like many of you, we are neck-deep in Christmas programming. From school programs to church choirs, the music of Christmas not only fills the air but, also, the calendar. I have posted some videos from 2 of our children’s Christmas programs on FB. They are very cute. J plays the role of Mary in her Kindergarten Christmas Story, and C is about as excited as can be to sing in church (with his preschool class) with mom and dad sitting on the front row, even R gets a little excited (you’ll hear her if you watch the videos of him).

On a less festive note, my beautiful, sweet wife and I received word last week that we have lost another baby. By the time most of you read this, we will have been at the hospital most of Friday while she is having a D & C. For this matter, I make a request: please, pray for her. Pray for her biologically. Pray for her emotionally. Pray for our family as we come to grips with losing another child. We have found explaining these circumstance to our other children to be extremely difficult. We cannot be more grateful for our church family. They have surround us (Janna specifically) and loved on her. For those of you reading this who continue to offer her words of encouragement and prayer…THANK YOU!! Your love and compassion for her are true expressions of your faith in Christ and His love. As her husband it is often difficult to find the words to say to my own wife; many of you say them perfectly!  Thank you! Thank you! A million times…thank you!

May the God of all grace and peace be the center of your lives, and I pray you receive His richest blessings this Christmas season!


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