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2013 Family Christmas Eve Service

Due to family circumstances our Family Pastor was unable to attend our 4pm Family Christmas Eve service. He asked me to fill in for him. So I had the tremendous privilege of teaching a lesson on The Gifts of God. The lesson turned out to be longer than I had hoped.

When God Chooses

Due to icy road conditions, we were unable to gather for worship and Bible study with our First Baptist Keller family on Sunday, 12-8-13. Since our church uses The Gospel Project curriculum, I took the kids’ lesson for Sunday and adapted it for our use at home. Click here to read the plan.

The lesson covered Luke 1:26-56 when Gabriel spoke to Mary about God’s plan for her life.

One of my favorite things about The Gospel Project is that it provides a “Discussion Starter” video to be used to help children think more deeply about the lesson and ask questions. This lesson’s Discussion Starter dealt with the topic of choosing, specifically God choosing Mary and Joseph: “Why did God choose Mary and Joseph to be the earthly parents of Jesus?” The thinking question to pose was “What criteria would you use in choosing a team?”

Naturally…this moved into the world of soccer for me and my kids. So I asked them, “If you were choosing some of your friends to be on your team for soccer, how would you pick your team?” Right on queue, they responded, “I’d want my friends who are good at soccer.”

So…”what about me, as coach, how do you think I would choose a team?”

The 10 year old: “You’d want girls who are good at soccer.”

“True. What about how I choose who plays each position? Say I ask, ‘Who wants to play goalie?’ and everyone but you, raises a hand, but as the coach, I’ve watched YOU play. I’ve seen your speed and skill. I know that with some direction and training from me, you would make an excellent goalie. So I choose you to play goalie. Why would I do that?”

A “short” thoughtful silence.

“Because you think I can do it even if I don’t think I can. (pause) You know us better than we know ourselves, maybe.”

“That’s right!! I know you have potential to be more than what you are or what you think you can be. In some way, this is kind of what was happening when God chose Mary and Joseph. It was not because they were perfect or sinless. It wasn’t because they were already great parents; because they didn’t even have kids, yet. It was because God saw in them their potential, what they could become. He knew them better than they knew themselves…because He created them. He knew that they wouldn’t be perfect parents, but with His help, they would be the perfect parents for Jesus, the Incarnate Son of God.”

Ok, so I know that it’s not a great analogy, but I think it helped make the point: When God chooses us for a task or role in life, we can trust Him. We can trust that, with His help, we are the right one for the job because He created us and knows us better than we know ourselves. We can trust that He knows the full potential of what we can accomplish and who we can be if we trust and follow Him. So whatever God has chosen, whatever God chooses, trust Him.

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