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Creature Rescuers

We found this little guy out in the middle of the road today & set him free in a grassy field near water. He waits ever so patiently to be sure it is safe. He slowly pokes his head out to check for danger.



Creature Rescuers


We found this little guy out in the middle of the road today & set him free in the grass.

Paper Football


The football field & football we got from Chick-Fil-A tonight

Guys Night


Me and my boy heading out for a guys night at Chick-Fil-A





After some Super Mario Wii, now it’s time for a little bit o’ Sorry!

Broken remote


This doesn’t look good…

The Great Rain of 8/18





Kids Appreciation Day

Back around Mother’s Day, Cameron, the 7 year old, asked why there was a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day but not a Kid’s Day. So my wife and I have been talking about how and when to do celebrate this with our kids.

For a a couple of weeks, we have been planning on celebrating Kids Appreciation Day today. While not an official holiday, we believe that our children should never have a doubt that we love and appreciate them. We are very intentional that our children hear several times a day that we love them. We regularly tell them that we are proud of them. So we aren’t saving up our affection for a special occasion, but we do think that they deserve a day of specialness.

We have planned special activities and gifts for each child today. The first gift of the day are special Bibles with his/her name on it.

Other pictures and updates can be found at and

Not really what you want to see


So I go to replace the headlight in my truck, and when I pulled the headlamp assembly out, this is what I found. Poor little guy…gotta wonder how long he’s been stuck in there.

I need one of these!


I’m not sure why exactly, but I’m pretty sure I need one of these!

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