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Homemade Funnel Cake


The wife & 3 year old liked it right off the bat, the 6 year old said “mmm…tastes like chicken.” he went on to admit that it did not taste like chicken & like it, too. The 8 year old wasn’t home & the others ate all of the first one so she was unable to try it. Then the power went out so I was not able to make another for her to try it. Try again tomorrow.

Lunch at the Inn


Daddy’s Little Helpers


Eat your heart out Santa!

Chick-Fil-A Fun




A Relaxing Saturday

Playing a little bit of Baseballopoly while listening to Who’s on First?


She finally found what she wanted…

My daughter’s b-day was last month. She had some money left over and been looking for “just the right thing to buy.” We’ve talked a great deal about using our blessings wisely. When spending whatever money we have, we should give careful thought to what we buy. So we’ve looked at and/or talked about bikes, toys, dolls, books, games, and other stuff for her to buy with her B-day money. With the help of her mom, she finally found something that interested her. (Of course, she wanted an American Girl doll, but she didn’t have the $$ for that; plus, spending over $100 on a doll didn’t seem like the wisest decision for us.) With matching headbands, hair color & eyes, this doll caught her eye.

Together at last

Together at last

Is this bird confused or playing?

If you look closely, this bird has a rubber band in its mouth. I couldn’t get the video, but it was stretching it out by stepping on it. I couldn’t tell if it thought it was a worm or just playing with it.


Ready for church…


Boating “Dukes” Style




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