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Normally, I don’t go out of my way to defend Facebook, but…

Have you seen (or perhaps even re-posted) this?

ALL THE PHONE NUMBERS of your contacts are now on facebook! go to the top right of the screen, click on ACCOUNT, click on EDIT FRIENDS, left side of screen and click CONTACTS. you will see ALL PHONE NUMBERS FROM YOUR CELL PHONE (FB friends or not) have been published. TO REMOVE, go to the right column below Phonebook Contacts, and click on “this page.” please repost this on your status, so your friends can remove their numbers and thus prevent abuse if they do not want them published.

The problem is that it’s only partially true (think Serpent in the Garden of Eden) and is intended to prey on people’s fear of the Internet (as almost all similar posts are). The information (referenced above) in your Facebook mobile contacts is NOT for public viewing. It is simply a list of contacts that YOU have created from importing other address books and/or syncing your mobile device. The information in this list is no different than gmail, yahoo, or any other web-based contact list. No number is public unless each account user has made their info public under his/her own privacy settings.

Facebook is not “publishing” anything. This is a convenience feature from FB to assist me in connecting with people I already have info for. It’s the same as when I log into my Gmail account on any computer, all of my contacts are available for me anywhere I am. They are not available to anyone else just because they have a Gmail account or even because we’re connected in Google+.

Nowhere on the contacts page does it say that they are public, and the “remove contacts” page states that upon removal of “imported and synced contacts: Your phonebook will no longer include synced contacts, but will still display the contact info of friends who have included it on their profiles.”

Again, it’s not that FB is “publishing” your numbers to me. I am simply making numbers I already have on my devices available for myself on FB to assist in connecting with people. These “published” numbers from my contacts are not available to anyone but me, just as yours are not available to anyone but you (except when people make their own info public).

So I beg you…please, stop re-posting this…

An Important Milestone in a Lifelong Journey, part 1

Tonight I was once again humbled by the love of our church family at FBC Keller as I crossed a long-awaited milestone in my call to vocational ministry! A good number of men attended my Ordination Council and expressed words of wisdom, encouragement, and kindness to me, my wife, and my family. Following my time with the Council, the church family gathered together to support us during the Ordination service and reception. I simply do not have the vocabulary to appropriately express my emotions and gratitude for the support I felt tonight. For those who attended tonight (Sunday the 7th) or caught me in the hall or emailed me because you couldn’t make it, thank you!! We are so grateful and humbled and, quite simply, blown away by the way that you all have embraced my family and wrapped us in your love and support over the last nearly 4 years.

Coming to FBC Keller in 2007 was an answer to prayer. Though my position is not a “called” position (meaning that it’s not a pastoral level position), I believed with every ounce of my being that God was “calling” me and my family to move from TN to TX once again. Some of the reasons God led us here have become crystal clear over the last few years; some, I trust, have yet to be revealed.

Many times over the last few years, the Lord and I have had bouts of prayer regarding His timing about my ordination. It has not always been easy to accept. In fact, it has been quite difficult at times. While at First Keller, though, the Lord has used people such as David Toledo (and many others) to encourage me to trust in His timing. Several people have asked the question, “Being called to ministry and licensed so early in life, why has the process of ordination taken so long to complete?” This is certainly a valid question. The answer is a little complex. The answer will come in 2 parts. The simple answer is that it was clearly not in God’s timing. Fleshed out a little more…it has been circumstantially prevented until now. In the next post, I will elaborate more on my testimony to God’s faithfulness…

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