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Is it just at our house or do your children think craziness is contagious?

Today was a fairly calm day. We went to Hobby Lobby in the morning, met J’s soccer team at a pizza place for lunch/end-of-the-season party, then came home for the rest of the afternoon. R went down for a nap, and the older two were pretty calm until about 6pm. Then, all of the sudden the craziness, which seem to be stored up, got loose. We start to move toward bedtime with room cleaning and bath time, and one starts screaming how ‘it’s too hard to clean my room!’ Then the other adds another verse with ‘I can’t do this all by myself! Whose gonna help me?’ The whining and the screaming and the crying grow and grow as a storm that’s rolling in. Hearing and seeing the older two, the baby begins to ‘sing’ as loud as she can as she percussively beats on the bathroom door, I can only assume so that she can be part of the ongoing chorus of voices. The louder one is only inspires the others to crescendo. They seem to feed off of each other.

In the end they all crashed pretty hard in their beds, but, man, what a concert they gave! We call it the “Carroll Kids…unplugged” home concert.

Growing Family

All parents know that time flies too quickly. Certainly, there are tough times that seem as if they will never pass, but they do. For me it seems like only yesterday when we were at Seminary moving into our new duplex as J and my beautiful wife were coming home from the hospital. Everyone has grown so quickly. Time flies…

We have, now, completed our 5th season of soccer with J. She is a great little soccer player. When she’s on the field, her opponents find it very difficult to score. She’s like a wall. She is attending kindergarten at our church and loves it! She has a compassionate heart like no child her age that I know. She loves to help and watch out for others, and she and her brother care so much about each other. It is quite amazing to watch them. It is only a rare occasion in which one doesn’t make sure the other gets an equal ‘treat.’

C has, now, completed 2 seasons of tee-ball. He is really enjoys it, though he wants to take up boxing. He is in a Preschool class at church. He is really into it! Anyone who know him can agree…class is never dull with him because you just never know what he’s going to come up with. He has learned to read and reads everything! His SS teacher told Janna that sometimes he reads the Bible story along with her so she’ll occasionally stop and just let him read it.

R is growing into her own. Just over a year old, she is into EVERYTHING. She climbs on everything which neither of the other 2 did. Fortunately for us, though, she exercises great caution for a 1 year old. She has learned some signs and has a few words. Truthfully, she knows more words than she has teeth. Her newest thing is pulling out every can of vegetables from the pantry she can get her hands on.

Janna is pretty good. Read an update here. She is involved in several ministries of our church. She works in childcare. She has, also, had a part in beginning a new ministry to offer support for women who have had difficulties with pregnancy or adoption. She has made so many wonderful friends here! Words fail me in expressing how grateful I am for those friendships.

As we move into the Thanksgiving homestretch, I am extremely thankful for the family God has allowed me to be a part of. God has blessed me with a wife who, though she has not been feeling great lately, has been so supportive and loving during the last nearly 10 years of marriage. We have 2 children who love God and love their family, 1 whom we love and anticipate a wonderful reunion in heaven, and the youngest whom we love and melts our hearts with her smile. I can’t get enough of them. It’s really too bad I have to work for a living because I would be content enough to hang out with them all day every day.

As for me, I have the humbling privilege of being paid for a job I love at which I get to serve on a staff who is supportive of both me and my family. From our first day here, they have welcomed and loved us. Both the staff and the church family are kind, supportive, and loving of our entire family. Each member of the staff is sincere and genuine in their personal faith, as well as, in their ministry. All of them are true testiments of what it means to be a Christian and a minister, living out their faith in real life. Not only is each staff member a person of integrity on a professional level, they are great people personally. I have gained many true friends!

I am thankful! Our family is growing. To God be the glory!

DST…a Blessing or a Curse?

I know I am probably in the minority here, but I am just not a big fan of Daylight Saving Time. It’s not really the concept, but the transition. Oddly enough, what really bugs me about the whole thing is technology. In efforts to ease my anxiety, just about every clock in my house has been designed to “automatically” change according to the appropriate season. That sure is a good theory, but here’s how things seem to play out in my life EVERY Fall and Spring.

Because DST always happens on Saturday night and given my early morning responsibilities on Sunday mornings at church, I am unable to get a good night’s sleep. My mind is too anxious that the clocks that are “responsible” to automatically spring forward or fall back will fail to do so, and I’ll oversleep and be late to church. So I lay in bed awake glancing at the clock every few minutes longing for 2:00am to roll around. I wait and wait. Take the kids to the bathroom a few times. And then it happens: the clock does, in fact, adjust. Of course, now, if it’s Fall, I lay awake for the next 2 hours still trying to avoid oversleeping, or if it’s Spring, I realize I just lost an hour of worry and go ahead and get up at 3am, shower and head to church. Either way, it makes for a REALLY long Sunday!!

Maybe next Spring I’ll see if I can find an old clock that does not mess with my mind so much so that I can finally rid myself of the DST curse!

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