This afternoon we went to the park. My kids and I played in the sandbox. I dug a great tunnel! That’s what sandboxes are for . . . digging. You know what’s not for digging? The area around the swings. There was this dog that was there. The owner had tied it to one of the poles of the swings.

What do dogs do when they are bored? They dig. This dog dug a hole big enough for it to fit in it. I do not know a lot about dog breeds. So I’d say that the dog was medium size dog.

What’s wrong with this, you might ask? Well, the park is supposed to be a safe place for children to play. The thing is, that dog didn’t stop with just one hole. After he dug the first one, the owner moved him to another pole on the other side of the swings. I guess because there was a big hole there. Now? the dog digs another hole under the swings where my daughter loves to play. Then, the owner moved the dog to a bench across the sidewalk . . . the dog dug yet another hole. Not long after, the guy got up and left with several hole that were 1 to 2 feet deep all over the park.

What bugs me is that people do not respect public places. How are my kids (and others) supposed to play safely when there the park looks like swiss cheese? Needless to say, I filled the holes back, and it safe for children to play in the park once again.